MIDCON Data Services Acquires Storage Assets and Facilities from Indel Davis, Expanding Reach in Houston and Tulsa Markets

Company expansion shifts greater focus on oil and gas
still practicing traditional record management

TULSA, Okla. (October 5, 2016) – MIDCON Data Services, a privately owned and operated data management and seismic brokerage company, announced today it has acquired the storage assets and storage facilities from Tulsa based Indel Davis. MIDCON will expand into Houston, bringing the company an opportunity to provide a different market services surrounding seismic data catered to the oil and gas industry as well as traditional records management and document storage. This acquisition also allows MIDCON to continue growth in Tulsa, obtaining new resources that will serve to enhance the company’s established presence in Oklahoma and increase the company’s ability to effectively and efficiently manage data tailored to this specialty sector.

"Indel Davis is known as a leading international distributor and carries a complete line of printing media for seismic well logging, CAD, architectural and engineering communities,” said Randy Allen, CEO, MIDCON Data Services. “The range of capabilities surrounding data management and seismic data insight Indel Davis offers aligns with MIDCON’s services. The acquisition of Indel Davis allows us to strengthen our presence in Tulsa while also expanding our services to Houston, enabling us to elevate our seismic data services to a larger market. We are eager to begin operations in Houston and are looking forward to continuing growth and expansion in Tulsa.”

Founded in 1991 as a seismic data management company for the oil-and-gas industry, MIDCON has grown into one of the largest data management and storage companies in the region with offices in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. While the company previously expanded to include data management for the financial, legal and retail sectors, oil and gas remains the company’s largest business sector.

“We understand the critical role data management plays in multiple industries. We offer data services that enable our clients to make educated decisions when it comes to their business and specialty sector. Oil and gas represents our largest sector and the acquisition of Indel Davis furthers our ability to assist and equip this industry with vital seismic intel,” Allen said.

Indel Davis Owner Gail Runnels said, “MIDCON was chosen by Indel Storage as its successor because of a superior customer satisfaction ranking, financial strength and the range of services

for clientele storage offered. We are certain they will carry on the high level of attention to client needs that we have given over the last several decades.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Indel Davis employees to our operations and look forward to adding their expertise in data management to our business,” said Trey Cole Director of Operations, MIDCON Data Services.


MIDCON Inc. is a closely-held, private Oklahoma data management and storage corporation with uniquely positioned divisions allowing the strength and experience of each business to support the growth of the others. The divisions are MIDCON Data Services, LLC.; MIDCON Seismic Data Brokerage; MIDCON Recovery Solutions, LLC.; and MIDCON Property Management, LLC.

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