colocation data center

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Natural disasters are often unpredictable, but we know they are common especially in Oklahoma which is why it’s important to stay alert and prepared. Every business owner needs a disaster recovery strategy. MIDCON Recovery Solutions is here to be yours. Our colocation data center is here to house and protect your equipment from climate and disaster. Our data center also serves as a means around acquiring your own data center by allowing a more affordable alternative; instead business owners can rent space. 


Texas and Oklahoma's only F-5 bunkered tornado proof data center!

The Bunker

Our state-of-the-art bunkered colocation data center located in Oklahoma City was constructed to eliminate worry about natural or man-made disasters. It settles uncertainty of how to ensure business continuity. Our custom-built bunkers are designed to provide the utmost protection for our client’s data and hardware.

Secure Bunkered Data Center

  • 12" thick, double-steel reinforced concrete walls
  • Fully redundant power
  • Dual entrance self-healing ring architecture
  • N+1 CRAC (computer room air conditioning)
  • Customized co-location space
  • Enclosures and private suites
  • Controlled temperature and humidity
  • Fire-threat detection and suppression (FM 200)
  • 24-by-7-by-365 critical monitoring
  • 24-by-7-by-365 secured data center access
  • Carrier-neutral provider solutions
  • Managed installation of equipment


We offer competitive pricing from the U level, ¼ rack, ½ rack, full rack, or custom cage.