Business Continuity

Business Doesn’t Stop When Disaster Strikes.

After one disaster occurs, you don’t need another one on your hands. After all, customers must be serviced, employees must have work, and invoices must be remunerated. At MIDCON Recovery Solutions, we provide disaster recovery solutions. Our business continuity center equips you with office space to ensure that your company survives by allowing you to keep the most important aspects of your company afloat until you can resume operations as normal. When disaster strikes, strike back. Nothing keeps your business from running as it should. When quick recovery is needed, count on MIDCON Recovery Solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how you can keep your business prepared for catastrophes.

Business Continuity Center:

Located at our data center and always available and connected. At our center, we simply provide office space, or we can also equip you with everything you need for your workstation such as computers, chairs, and phones. We put you in a position that allows you to never skip a beat, which is especially convenient if your primary or secondary IT infrastructure is housed at our data center.

  • Flexible disaster recovery office space
  • Conference facilities
  • Food preparation area
  • Exercise facilities
  • Showers


Additional Services:

Engineering resources, full disaster recovery planning, media storage, data replication, and backup.