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In 1984, MIDCON CEO Randy Allen came to Oklahoma to work as a seismic data broker after he graduated in business from Southwest Missouri State University.

Allen formed MIDCON Data Services Inc. in 1991 after resigning from — and purchasing all assets of — Grant Norpac’s Oklahoma City office. Grant Norpac was an international data management company specializing in seismic data acquisition, processing, brokerage and storage.

Today, MIDCON Inc. is a closely-held, private corporation with uniquely positioned divisions allowing the strength and experience of each business to support the growth of the others.

By customizing solutions, MIDCON Inc. is a leader in the data-management and storage industry and has proven itself a reliable partner to its clients nationwide

Since 1991, MIDCON has been customizing solutions and providing superior customer service to business clients, large and small, from the State of Oklahoma to the around-the-corner pharmacy, from the startup looking for temporary storage space to some of the largest oil-and-gas companies in the world needing the best in data-storage facilities. In addition, we are a partner with Cox Business for their customers’ secure housing of off-site data center needs.

Climate-controlled document storage – imaged or boxed — is costly. Let us do it for you.

Disaster recovery is costly. Let us take the blow for you.

Data-intensive energy and medical industries must retain, archive and access records for decades. Let us give you back that time to devote your time to finding energy solutions and saving lives.

Sometimes there is a lot of sensitive documents and data that you don’t need anymore.  It could take hours for you to shred it all. Let us shred it for you.

After being in the industry for 25+ years, MIDCON has essentially pioneered complete data management in Oklahoma. This means that from a space to work on your data, a bunker to house your data, data security and destruction, or data storage in the cloud or in one of our data storage facilities, we've got you covered! 

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The people behind MIDCON Inc. are skilled professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds and experience.